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Weddings & Honeymoons
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The Azia Chapel

The Azia Chapel, surrounded by lawns and gardens is a perfect place for your ceremony or blessing. Not far from the bungalows, it is fully air-conditioned and holds a maximum of 24 people.

The Chapel Gardens

If there are more than 24 people, you can have your wedding blessing in the Chapel Gardens surrounded by palm trees and geraniums. Gazebos with beautifully dressed chairs on either side of an aisle and with an altar at the end is the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding. Drinks can be served in the garden following the ceremony. Maximum capacity: 70 people.

The Bungalow Gardens

Between the Bungalows and the coastline, the lawns can also be used for an 'al fresco' blessing. Again shaded by gazebos and umbrellas, decorated chairs are set up to create an aisle with an altar at the end. Maximum capacity: 120 people

The Cava Terrace

The Cava Terrace, overlooking the pool and facing the sea, is a superb venue for a drinks reception with canapés. A stunning pre-dinner setting where you can watch beautiful sunsets before dinner in one of the fine restaurants. Maximum capacity: 70 people.

The Seafront

An elevated setting directly in front of the hotel and facing out to the sea. Ideal for a small wedding blessing. Maximum capacity: 30-40 people.

The Cava Bar

Styled in an Arabesque fashion, this is an air-conditioned bar serving stylish drinks and canapés, Maximum capacity: 90 people.

The Lara Ballroom

The Lara is a grand carpeted ballroom, It can be used for a drinks reception, a dinner reception or a combination of both. It is also ideally connected to the Akamas Restaurant via a moveable partition. Maximum capacity: 250 people (ballroom only)

The Akamas Restaurant

The Akamas is a carpeted Venetian style restaurant with a dance floor. Strategicaly situated between the Cava Bar, the Lara Ballroom and the Cipro Restaurant, it can accommodate a drinks reception, a meal reception or a combination of both. Maximum capacity:750 people.

The Cipro Restaurant

A truly impressive Colonial styled restaurant with high ceilings, conservatory-style white cane chairs and marble flooring. The Cipro is one of the most popular choices for wedding dinners. Maximum capacity: 60 people.

The Akamas Terrace

Next to the Cipro Restaurant and flowing on from the Cava Terrace, the Akamas Terrace, overlooking the pools and the Amphitheatre is another very popular choice with our wedding guests. The Terrace also faces out to sea enabling you to watch beautiful sunsets. An ideal location for drinks followed by dinner. Ceremonies and wedding blessings can be staged here also. Maximum capacity of 150 people.

The Amphitheatre

A grand, three-tiered location flowing down from the Akamas Terrace towards the Katoi Terrace, the Amphitheatre overlooks the pools and out towards the sea. Festooned with flowering foliage and an abundance of geraniums, the Amphitheatre can be used for blessings, drinks and dinner and is an ideal setting for photographs. Can also be combined with the Akamas Terrace for larger numbers. Maximum capacity: 200 people.

The Katoi Terrace

Under the natural shade of trees, the Katoi Terrace lieson the pool level and is situated at the bottom of the Amphitheatre. Reception drinks and wedding lunches or dinners can be served here. Maximum capacity: 100 people.

The Katoi Coffee Shop

Air-conditioned and styled as a Cypriot Village Taverna, the Katoi Coffee Shop is situated next to the Katoi Terrace, facing the pool. Maximum capacity: 150 people.

Yialos Island

A small islandsituated in the pool and surrounded by fresh water,Yialos Island is accessed by two wooden bridges with natural shade provided by palm trees.A wonderful and popular setting, it can accommodate up to 8 people for a drinks reception or a more intimate candlelit meal.Setting-up fee for all locations. 

Extra setting-up fee for lunches or dinner at the Bungalow Gardens and the Seafront. 

Setting-up fees for ceremonies or blessings as per ceremony list attached.

You can make your final decision for the venue upon arrival at the hotel.