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Morokambos Plantation

Morokambos plantation, a plantation covering an area of 530.000sqm includes 15,000 Mediterranean and tropical plants. Various citrus trees, avocado trees, palm trees, guavas and mangos in thousands. In principle it is a commercial plantation, while every effort is made to link the Morokampos plantation to the hotel, for the benefit and pleasure of its guests.

The Azia provides a variety of produce bursting with unspoiled freshness, harvested daily from the trees of the plantation. Your hosts, the Economides family, invite guests to explore the plantation, pick their own fruits, and enjoy a satisfying picnic in the shade of the walnut groves.

Today, all the fruits consumed in the hotel come from the plantation on a daily basis. You can enjoy all these fruits - fresh from the trees - as well as fresh orange juice, a range of jams for breakfast and a number of fruit desserts and snacks.

In addition, you have the opportunity to visit the plantation and see for yourselves exactly how these trees are planted and cultivated until their fruits mature to perfection. At a small charge we will provide you with some explanatory material and take you on an interesting and entertaining tour around the plantation. There you may pick your own fruit and enjoy a picnic in the shade of the walnut trees. Back at the hotel we answer any questions while you have the chance to sample several products and local delicacies made of fresh fruit.

A 15.000 tree plantation of Mediterranean trees and tropical fruit. A secluded private property and a really unique experience on this island.